Vulnerability Is a Superpower

bold moves courage vulnerability Dec 16, 2022
BOLD MOVES - Take Back Your Power, Reclaim Your Peace, and Live Happy on Purpose

As I write this first blog post about BOLD MOVES, I am feeling especially vulnerable.

Vulnerable because my first book just launched.

Vulnerable because I bared my soul in it.

Vulnerable because it will challenge relationships in my life, even though I spoke my truth.

Notice I said "my" truth. Not their truth. My truth.

Every word in the book is true to my experience - how I experienced the interaction, how I experienced the relationship, and how it made ME feel. This was a truth I needed to accept and internalize before I could let this book be published. It was almost a full year from the time I finished the manuscript to the time it became available to the public. It took a year because I was afraid.

There's irony in releasing a book titled, BOLD MOVES, yet having fear about its release.

I still have fear about what my family will think, what my friends will think, what my clients will think, and what strangers will think. The stories are raw and they are real to my experience.

What I had to decide is to allow myself to be vulnerable... to allow myself to be criticized by those who won't understand; to allow myself to be chastised by those who may feel hurt that I shared the stories I did. But the fact is, the book isn't about any individual referenced in the stories I shared. The book is about living this one short life... HAPPY.

The book is REAL life. It applies to so many people who never speak up or out on behalf of themselves. It applies to people who struggle with tough decisions because they are kind. It applies to people who bite their tongues when they know they shouldn't. In other words, it applies to humans... all of us.

I believe this book will change lives.

It's a BOLD MOVE to put your work into the world. 

Vulnerability is a superpower.


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